Erik speaking. I'm doing my best acting as the "singer" of this constellation called infect. Because of my natural voice that could be described as something in-between Håkan Hellström (google it) and a bumblebee, my prime objective most of the times is trying to not sound as myself. Doing this and at the same time try to impersonate my role model Anders Fridén (In Flames) often result in a pretty noticeable headache and some popped blood vessels in the eyes due to the immense concentration needed to pull this stunt off(poorly). In the end there are a lot of sour notes being produced along with equal amount of joy. Playing music with these guys makes me happy... And by the way, i'm from Sweden. So its not a person with a speaking disorder singing, just a foreigner.


Lee hails from right here in NC, finally home after travelling throughout the US. He has been writing and performing since the mid 90's, striving to greater sonic innovation. After joining with Joe in 2014, the two have been working incessantly trying to find the right combination to make this infection possible. He is influenced by modern artists such as In Flames, Within Temptation, and Stone Sour, as well as classic artists such as Eric Clapton, Alice in Chains, and Iron Maiden.


Joe is...Joe.


Hi y'all. Born and raised in Sweden. I'm responsible for the low end and I cant get enough of it. Sometimes I'm also doing backing vocals. A late bloomer when it comes to playing music. I've been a heavy listener my whole life though. My main inspirations are grunge (which i grew up on), metalcore and stoner with groups like RATM, STP, PJ, Electric Wizard and Fu Manchu to mention a few. My main vices are good food, IPA's and the addictive mix of flanger and fuzz.